11 reasons NOT to travel full time!

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11 reasons why NOT to travel full time!

People tend to glamorize this full time travel gig but it’s truely not for everyone! It’s a pretty great gig, but like most it has a few drawbacks. Thought I’d lay on some real talk and let you in on the secret!

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  • So nice to have someone talk about the bad and not just the good. Thank you so much for your videos. I want to visit Ireland next 😉

  • Fav place is my family's cabin in Michigan. It's off the grid so everything is a challenge… no running water, electricity, or cell service. It's AWESOME but challenging haha

  • I'd love to travel full-time, but I CRAVE structure and stability. Also I absolutely need to know I have a set amount of money coming in, which is not often the case for people who make money online and travel full-time.

  • I went to Costa Rica for two weeks alone this summer and I found it pretty tiring to always have to plan everything and ended not enjoying my trip as much as I though I would have. I think that what would be better for me would be to choose an Air Bnb and settle for at least 2 – 3 weeks at the same place, instead of going around like crazy haha. Really gotta try that!

  • This video is so spot on, that people could use it to find Youtube. 🙂
    In the end it's about finding the proper balance between doing what you love, and meeting life half way, by loving what you do. Corny at best, but I have found it to be true so far, whenever the fine tuning is just right. Worked for many years as a photographer, and while I got to do and see many things I had never thought possible, I learned that basically anything one does for a living can turn into an obligation, a chore, and drain every ounce of positivity. You look back and learn to see the opportunities (taken or missed) and keep an open mind the next time around.
    And showcasing @sethOutside (How did that go? On a boat, in a train, on a yatch, at the beach, etc) at Oktoberfest rocking them Clark Kent glasses and a Polska Kielbasa? Well done! Cheers 🙂

  • Im in high school and I can’t wait to graduate and get out of here and see the world but for now I’ll just live vicariously through you 😂 You should totally vlog like you kinda did at the end!!!

  • Thank you so much for sharing the “negatives”! It really is so easy to get caught up in the facade that everything is epic ALL the time. Good to remember there is indeed shit with every dream job!

  • The first one about working a lot is SO TRUE. People constantly think that I'm always on vacation because I travel full time and then they watch my videos and look at my Instagram pictures and they probably think they take 5 minutes to make. They don't understand that researching, outlining, filming, editing and publishing requires 20 hours of work for every video, and that I have to take those 20 hours every 2-3 days from somewhere…

  • Hey super random question but I remember long time ago you spoke about some glasses that you bought that protected yours eyes from the blue light from a computer. AND I need those lol, I looked back at your videos but I've seen all your videos so I couldn't remember when you talked about them. But if you could remind me Id love that and maybe give me a little update do you still have them? Love or hate them?

  • Ok, the worst place that I have ever was this abandoned gold mine in Colorado. This place was a big hole in te ground and you could see down to where they dug out gold. All around were signs of Danger do not get close to the edge. Dangerous mine. It was the 1960's and I was with my father. My father went past the point where it said not to go. My father was in his 70's and I was a teenager. He was in front of me and I was behind him. Both of us could look straight down into a huge hole that seemed endless. It was dark and deep in that hole. My father started to stumble and and actually fall into the hole. I reached out and grabbed him by his belt and prevented him from falling into the mine. He was wanting to show me how they mined in the old west. Like in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Anyway, the experience was probably the worst experience of my life at that time, and I learned that signs like danger areas should not be ignored. I loved your October fest segment bonus video. (Do not feel bad Shayla as at 68 I cannot handle the alcohol as I am a light weight too.)

  • You brought up the greatest points about why it sometimes sucks 😉 I’m trying to do a solo road trip to Arizona to visit my family and do some hiking/camping in New Mexico

  • Seriously want to be friends with you, love your attitude and outlook on things even from this simple video. I look up to you girl, keep up the great work with your videos and I wish you nothing but the best on your future journeys! (:

  • Great Video I love solo travel but I don't think i could handle full time travel at my age maybe when I was younger I was more adaptable but now I take Twinings Earl Grey Tea wherever I go .I love organising my trips but the hustle sounds so exhausting I often wonder how full time travellers can keep up the momentum you must have an inordinate amount of energy and drive .

  • I have so missed you and amber! I have just caught up un your vlogs absolutely awesome as always ambers pant dance got me through some dark times in jail lol you two are stunning xx

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