Balancing Your Sails for Close-Hauled Sailing – Episode 50

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Balancing Your Sails for Close-Hauled Sailing – Episode 50

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In this episode, we depart from Dana Point, LA area, on route to Oceanside, California. We enjoy the sounds of nature and talk about sail plans and balancing your sails for close-hauled sailing and using an autopilot!

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Videography Gear:
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– Rode Mini Microphone –
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Music (in order of play):
– Sappheiros (soundcloud)
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  • Saw Morgan slip a bit after spraying at that Sea Lion, nothing like being out of your element during a showdown. Cannot give likes or comments from the Patreon page, not snivelling, and not not digging to watch you a second time. Will just watch on here though because the views from that page probably do not count here either… am i right ?

  • I was taught to run dead downwind, wing on wing, by a top name sailing school. Went to North University (North Sails) two years later and was shown that broad reaching and gybing would get me downwind faster despite the extra ground. That doesn't work for every boat, but for most modern designs, even if it seems wrong.
    Have you run the polars, or tried reaching, to see if it is also faster for you?

  • good words on wind and trim logic. i was just self taught on sunfishes and i used to keep a little 22 in florida for cruising out to the islands
    but i did read a bit about it off and on through the years
    nice to hear your thoughts, makes good sense and yeah wow what a perfect morning for a sail . have fun!

  • Another advantage to the three-mile distance is that you can empty your doo-doo. I don't recall hearing you say that. We're a composting toilet boat, so there is no pumping or macerating involved but that distance can be advantageous for refreshing the head.

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