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  • Dudes your vlogs keep evolving into other creative formats which keep every one drawn to what wonder your sharing with us Damn good Stuff …Txs Keep the Fresh Air Coming..

  • Were you putting some of the dodgy fuel directly into your tank? That would worry me to no end! Thank you for the video! I liked the cute ending!

  • That was one of THE most boring, but interesting, videos ever!
    How come most of my sailing was awful?
    Blowing a stink usually; much of the time from where i was headed..
    Hurricane Gilda: 7 boats sank around me, then 3 days of 70kt with 35’ waves.
    Hurricane Bob: Almost sank my boat.
    So, I became a landlubber, moved to New Bern, NC where Hurricane Florence wiped me out with 5’ of water in my place. City condemned it.
    You guys are so lucky 🍀

  • Ben, Ashley, another fantastic video! Looking forward to the next one, always! Was that marlin or sailfish jumping? Impressive catch with the camera anyways.

  • On my latest boat I carry 600litres deisel which with twin 400hp cummins deisels I can burn thru pushing my 8 ton cruiser in about 10 hours,SO difrent from my old 10hp yanmar that would eat 1.2litres per hour,but then thats hitting 5knots as against the 20knots of the cruiser!My aim is to burn as much deisel as I can before I die!!!

  • WOW! End credit must have taken some time with the drone up ther filming… Good luck with the voyage. Not sure which way you are heading as I just joined your journey. Auckland, New Zealand is supposed to be summer now, a bit too much rain at the moment though. Look me up if you head this way!

  • Awesome video! Always something to learn or you're breaking the "fun meter"! 😉 Thanks for sharing. Fair winds. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😍⛵⛵⛵⛵⛵⛵⛵⛵

  • Wow some incredible footage together with fantastic music in the first couple of minutes
    Dolphin showing they appreciate your work !!!
    Some of the best I have seen on any channel
    Sensational !!!!

  • Oh you guys are awesome! Beautiful people sharing what you love and teaching what you learn. So much love for you both!

  • Lots of good information. It's like we were sitting in your cockpit chatting away about your adventure…. what do you do for this or that?

  • Aaaand now that cyclone fizzled out to a rain depression over North Queensland. Needs a big dump of rain over most of Qld. to put out all the fires.

  • Hi Ben and Ashley, great content, i have been watching my way thru your journey over the last month, love your positivity. I also dig the music you play, do you list it anywhere?? Keep up the great work guys, if you're on the SE coast of Australia i will buy you a beer.

  • I love the music 🙂
    And all the rest of course!
    Predict wind hey? At some point crossing to French Polynesia we were only considering gust wind prediction and that would be the constant wind we where seeing out there. Red. Red. Brown!! Argh.

    So thanks! I keep forwarding your videos to the would be Admiral and I believe it is really working out… 😀

  • Hola me llamo Jorge, de Buenos Aires. Argentina. Los sigo desde el 1er. Capitulo ojala alguien pudiera hacer subtitulada en español latino. Besos y suerte!!! Me gusta la vida que estan haciendo!!!😍

  • You guys make fun videos!! 
    Wow the sunset colors were amazing…
    your adventures reminded me of the song verse …
    "Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world"; by the Grateful dead.

  • That fuel straight from their drum unfiltered into your tank ? Scary ! Just say'n. Always great videos from you's guys . Much love ! Cheers

  • Great episode again, Love it! Talking about fuel management, have you ever calculated your Eco Speed? a day like @08:07 would be perfect for that. SOW @ multiple RPM, and you can find your best eco speed. it's normally around 70% hull speed. Secondly, I have downloaded your .XLSX. and I know that Ben has some German precision engineered into is DNA, but calculating time to down to the 9th decimal? es ist wirklich präzise! ; -) Use the Custom format "hh:mm" instead ;))

  • Love the look on Ben's face checking out that crazy 0.5 knot wind . . . . be sure and put rocks in your pockets so you don't blow away!

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