Buddy Boating Pt 1 – Dana Point to Avalon, Catalina Island (April 2018)

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Keeldragger (Dana 24) and Ohana (Cal 27-2) caravan from Dana Point to Avalon to Oceanside and back to Dana Point. This is day 1 — Dana Point to Avalon. Winds were light, but with the threat of small craft advisories and gale warnings, we opted to change from our original plans to circumnavigate Catalina Island.


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  • I been with ya for a while..So I gotta say this to be fair and truthful..something about the sensitivity with your sound on the boom stick and the amount you touch it ….its actually destroying your good vids…footage is great my friend..your sound …not so much…just got to be honest…your doing good Im not bailing on ya but brother you gotta work on that…thumbs up!

  • Rode is great..but add the Mouse cover like I did ..HUGE difference with up top shots and into the wind…

  • I enjoy watching … thanks for taking us with you. The palming of that GoPro is, as Thirteen Winds says, destroying your vids. You gotta get some new equipment (better stick or gimble … mic with "dead cat" for wind). I'm sticking with you because I want to see how you evolve off these short trips and into longer passages. Please keep providing details and explanations. You're living the dream! Again, thanks for taking us along.

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