Coastal Alabama: Bamahenge, Florabama, Gulf Shores, and Fort Morgan

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I spend my last days in Alabama close to the Gulf of Mexico. I visit Bamahenge, a Stonehenge replica, Gulf Shores, the unique Flora-Bama bar, then west to Fort Morgan, where the Mobile Bay ferry departs. Finally some quality time with fellow YouTubers.

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  • Florabama… that place saved my life.. cost me a divorce.. made me sick… caused me some of the most happiest times of my life.. I have spent ALOT of money there.. seen new years come and go.. my name is written all over the place, in sharpie of course… I've thrown up in the parking lot.. I have the best oysters there I've ever eaten.. part of my heart and soul lives in that funky old place.. I started going there when the roof was a yellow and white Tar polian.. I've seen the good and the bad.. I LOVE YOU FLORABAMA !!!! Robert, you could do a dozen videos with just my stories from that place…. thank you for including it in the video.. Kelly….

  • Howdy Robert,many thanks for sharing yet another superb video here emanating straight from the Morales Works which I watched with great pleasure and undivided attention,as usual.A greater start of this brandnew week I could hardly imagine buddy.A treat for the eye and ear surely.Best wishes and cordial greetings from William across the Big Pond.

  • Thanks for all the videos of your travels through the South. We are now thinking about an RV vacation of the South sometime soon!

  • Commenting before I finish the video, so don't beat me up if I say something you included in the video. Last fall I took a trip to Dauphin Island, Alabama, on the opposite side of the mouth of Mobile Bay from Fort Morgan. If you have not, I HIGHLY suggest a visit to Dauphin Island. Depends on what you like to do, but the city owned campground is nice (but could stand some minor things like getting rid of a couple of derelict city trucks that hadn't moved in years, and fixing a couple of issues with their very nice brand new restrooms and showers (water runs out of the shower into the dressing area of the stall). Across the street is the ferry terminal. For $5 you can (on foot or bicycle) ride across Mobile bay and back, and while on the other side, visit Ft Morgan. Just past the campground is Ft Gaines, which is also a nice visit, and also across from the campground is the Estuarium, a very nice aquarium focused on the bay and marine estuary environment of the bay. Adjacent to the campground is a 100 acre Audubon Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary with lots of walking trails and signage. Plus there is a nice beach and pier for fishing. The Estuarium is a MUST DO.

    There are several good eating places on the island also.

    The ferry loads and unloads at Ft Morgan, but never stays there. Its overnight base is at Dauphin Island across the street from the campground, and a base for supply boats to the drill rigs and the harbor pilots base, and the Coast Guard Station are all right there together. The tide has to be very high for the ferry to accommodate vehicles over 21 ft, due to the approach angle of the ramp at Ft Morgan. Dauphin Island terminal is a nearly flat loading. I saw a very nice sunset on the return trip one evening and had seen dolphins on the trip over to Ft Morgan.

    Two little know facts that I learned in the Estuarium, first is that the average depth of the bay is 10 ft! and that the ship channel to the docks is dredged to 45 ft. Second is that the rigs in the bay are pumping natural gas, and that this is the largest natural gas reserve in the US.

  • Thanks for the tour.. Orange beach is my favorite and was nice to see that the storms didn't do much damage. Many nice memories of Florabama.. "Dreams do come true" Lancing our first 3 month trip Aug 5th..

  • Sweeeeeeet! Do you by chance recommend any good LUTS for editing in post production? I just got the DJI Mavic Pro 2 & I'm excited to see how the footage turns out! I'm trying to find some great LUTS for the drone footage. 😀

  • This is a trip we have done almost exactly as your video. This is a great area of USA. Going back for sure! We caught the ferry missed the runway.

  • Robert, you might be the most original artist on u-tube. Your original music combined with genuine honest narrative is a step above and is always a top notch video. Thanks J.J.

  • do you connect your phone to the colorado display screen, if so do you have a iphone or android and do you have to use an app to connect it so it gives you directions on the screen

  • As a musician you should have loved FloraBama.  It has three stages and the architecture makes you believe the place was built from driftwood, pallets and building scraps.

  • Taxes in Florida include walking on the beach,  breathing the air, filming and video, disturbing the sand, looking at seaoats, causing microaggressions to manatees, jellyfish infractions, monofilament fishing line, kayak use, CO2 release from opening a beer can, staying in a hotel/motel, looking at signs, not looking at signs, catching too small fish, catching too big fish,  etc etc etc

  • Made it to Bamahenge today. What a neat place to visit. Later on we traveled to the Marina, stopping on our way to get a few selfies with the dinosaurs.

    Thanks for the info Robert. 🍻

    Silly me, forgot to mention dining at the "home of the throwed rolls, Lambert's Café. in Foley AL.

    What a great staff and the food was plenty, hot, and served fast. Just watch out for the flying rolls. 😜

  • It would be great if you thought to clear up your audio so the subscribers could understand what you are trying to convey.!!

  • Robert I really appreciate all the work you put into editing and making these videos. I almost feel like I'm on the trip too. Last year I went to Canada and Key West just from watching your vids. I hit the smallest bar down in Key West and a few other places and Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal. You're da best.

  • Forgot a really big one for me and it's moored in the Mobile bay… the big bad mean wonderful USS Alabama!!!  It took me two days to go through it plus all of the other historical boats and all.

  • Actually you can go into the inner circle at Stonehenge. It’s a special tour given twice a week, one is in the morning before it’s open to the tourists the other is in the evening after it’s closed. Even though you can walk right up to them touching them is not allowed. Don’t tell anyone but we touched everything… LOL

  • I live in this area and I loved listening to you, you sound so much like Antonio Bandaras! You did a fantastic job. Hopefully you'll come back in summer when everything is bright and happy look.

  • Thank you for taking me around the United States I probably won't be going to visit the US since I don't have any surviving relatives there. It's like I'm almost sitting on the side of you, when you drive or walk with you on trips, and visits to parks and nature reserves and cities. When you use the K4 camera is almost unreal where you have a feeling of being there
    Thank you so much
    Stein A Johannessen

  • You walked right past my name on the wall in a few places around the FloraBama! Great video Robert, I really enjoy your travels

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