Couple Sues Holland America Cruise Line

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Couple Sues Holland America Cruise Line. A couple claim Holland America chose not to send a woman back to the US when she had a stroke only 4 hours into the cruise. Instead they waited to send her to a hospital in the bahamas who could not treat her and ended up flying her back to the US anyway a full 15 hours after she first fell ill.

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  • OMG! I am so sad to hear this! That Ships DR should loose his medical license. i'm an EMT and I work in a retirement community and we put our stroke patients on a helicopter and air lift them to the stroke center. I have had family members argue with me that they want their loved one transported to the closest hospital (not a stroke center) I tell them no. TIME IS BRAIN.

  • This is awful…someone definitely dropped the ball she should have been airlifted and taken immediately to the USA. She and her family are in our prayers

  • Don sure I hope your tumor never grows. So you don't have to go through surgery and chemo. That's rough.
    I love your Utube videos!

  • This is so far worse than horrifying. It's hard to believe there is any doctor or cruise line is stupid enough to think waiting all that time to get them to a major hospital is ok. They basically stole the rest of her life from her and her husband. To top it off having to put her in a nursing facility for the rest of her life! That will cause her and her family so much heart ache with her health & in a facility being like that!
    They should be sueing MILLIONS of dollars. That way maybe they could afford a live in nurse so she can be home with her loved ones at the very least.

  • 75000 for a settlement =NO Thats a red flag that something else is going on here because no one would settle for that small amt unless they didn't do what they were suppose to do . Something is fishy here and this isn't the whole story

  • This might actually create improvements in cruise ship infirmaries. Seems the ships have "agency" physicians (I had an amazing doctor on Anthem with an issue, but the admission ) and I know there is at least one critical care-trained nurse. As a nurse, you must have at least 5 years in critical care to be eligible to serve on a cruise ship. That said, with the new mega Ships, they need to have top notch facilities and personnel to attend to injuries. HAL especially with their older clientele need diversity in staff and standards. With this poor woman, she should have been able to have an immediate CT scan and access to tPa, a drug that will stop most embolic (cholesterol clots) strokes (not hemmorhagic, brain bleeds) although it has its risks as well. Nonetheless they should have had to capacity to stabilize her and medivac her to a stateside hospital.

  • Whatever happened to the GOLDEN HOUR in which rapid response is vital?? Horrible story. I am a former ER nurse, EMT. Awful tragedy. They should know better. They should never do this again to anyone and they should ask for a billion dollars for the finest equipment and Occupational and Physical Therapy for her! Dr's don't Respect priority !!

  • I had a stroke 2 years ago at 42 years old. I made it to a small hospital which happened to have a certified stroke center by ambulance within 20 minutes of the first symptoms and made a nearly full recovery. I'm going on my first cruise this October. This story truly scares the crap out of me!!! This couple should own that cruise line after a thing like that!

  • Dont start your video saying "Hi everyone its Don". Start it off by saying "Hi everyone this is, cry baby. Negative , negative , negative. Thats all you do is whin and make negative videos. P. S. The wife didnt "came down with a stroke lol". The wife had a stroke.

  • Yes, its definitely sad what happened. But I'm curious as to if they were truthful in filling out the health questionnaire prior to boarding.

  • Don, you are correct. This couple was handled the wrong way at a great risk to life and well being. I hope they wake up and sue for millions, not $75,000!

  • On my last Caribbean cruise on Norwegian Epic there was a similar situation (don't know the actual health issue). The ship detoured closer to land to meet the Coast Guard helicopter. They took the patient, his wife and their luggage. No screwing around. The ship is fast enough, we made up the time anyway, so I can't imagine what Holland America was thinking.

  • We are only hearing part of the story. Stop the judgements on the cruise line until both sides are known. This kind of sensationalism is a real problem in society today along with being so litigious that even breathing is difficult. Get off your soapboxes and take a break.

  • You try to see the three points to all stories. I like you. Either med lift her to the states, or turn the cruise around back to usa.

  • Don’t think there is two sides here. I agree with you and hope they are awarded enough to care for her the rest of her life. Those nursing homes with good care are not cheap. Plus he has lost living with his wife and an active life style. He will need extra help now he may have had from his wife in the future as she was a couple of years younger than him. Their lives will never be anywhere close to normal again because of the decisions made by Holland America doctors. I hope a judge sees all the problems they will face and awards them what they deserve.

  • Wow , only $75k , if I was in that situation I would be seeking millions, like u said Don! Sad story. Prayers to this couple!
    Thanks for reporting!

  • Terrible story. Strangely, I was on a Holland America ship at end of January this year. Nieuw Statendam. We had a medical emergency after we had been sailing about 1.5 hours. We turned back to Fort Lauderdale and a launch came out to get the person. The next day, the Captain updated us that the person had fully recovered. I would expect they would choose best all the time. Given i'm traveling with my 93 year old aunt again on HA this weekend, this makes me nervous. But as others have commented, this lawsuit for only $75k sounds very odd. If you find more, please update us.

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