Digging for Pismo Clams in San Diego

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Get your feet wet as we go searching for clams.
Shot north of Torrey Pines State Park.

Tips for Clam Diggers:
~ Get a license first. It’s $35 for a year or as a resident you can get a one-day license for $15, and that includes the ocean enhancement fee.
~Go at low tide.
~When you scrape something, dig quickly. You need a tape measure or gauge. The clam must be 4½ inches at its widest points. put your foot in the hole. If it’s not big enough you have to put it back in that same place.
~Many people free dive or wade in wearing wetsuits but that water is really cold!
~You might think that Pismo Beach in Northern California would have oodles of clams but no more since the otters have returned.

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  • Looked like a fun day anyway, despite not finding any clams. The baby clams were super cute. San Diego always looks so

  • I love San Diego. I haven't gone looking for clams though. That sounds cool. I would have had fun just sitting there on the beach.

  • Love the reflections of the sun in the water. I've never been clamming. Looks like fun, Elaine.

  • Ha! I'm glad you got to enjoy some beer. And the drone shot is beautiful! Gorgeous region and San Diego is so wonderful, how can you not have a great time!

  • I like to go to the beach when it is like this. It is amazing to listen to the waves. BTW, nice drone shot. I like your recent videos more when you talk on the camera 🙂

  • How fascinating that you should only go clamming with months with an R. I really need to get back and explore San Diego, especially if you're making videos where no one goes hungry or thirsty!

  • Funnily enough, I've always wanted to dig for clams. Loved the video because you showed me exactly what it's all about.

  • San Diego is such a lovely area of California! It's a shame it didn't come through with the clams in the end, but it looks like you still made out <3

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