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Its time for a boat tour! This is our sailboat. we have lived aboard now for about a year. It took a while to get her in the water as you may have seen in season one. Our 1990 Island Packet IP27 has been a great home. we have mostly been in a marina getting familiar with the systems and honing our sailing skills. We wanted to share the details on our boat with our viewers. We are we proud of the cushions we made including sewing cutting, foam, and picking fabric. We find our boat to be quite spacious even at 27′. It has 6’2″ head room and as we joke it is the perfect 2 bedroom / 1 bathroom with a lania, florida room, and rooftop porch ( the bow). Let us know if you have any questions about out sailboat. We hope you enjoy the tour.

This is The Boat Life. Nic Morganti and Melissa Auman are moving onto a sailboat. The plan was sell everything, buy a boat, live on a
boat, and travel and explore the Caribbean and the world while living aboard! The uniform is boardshorts and bikinis. Simple plan, but lots to learn and do along the way. Join our adventure as we sail away on sv Dodi, our Island Packet IP27, live on a sailboat, and explore life aboard. This is our sailing travel vlog The Boat Life. its like van life, but in a sailboat, oh and on the water.

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