Fishing the same HONEY HOLE as last year – Big smallies & MORE

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First day of summer video dedicated to searching out 20 inch smallies that I threw back last year.

Kayaking, wading, and relaxing on a great river. Ended up catching 18 fish and two different species: Smallmouth bass and Muskellunge.

There are a lot more videos coming this summer – hope you enjoy!

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Equipment used –
Rod/Reel combo: Medium Action and Ultralight
Line: and Braid and leader material
Kayak: Jackson Coosa

Footage date(s): All footage from
Camera: Hero5 and Hero3+
Editing program: Premiere Pro CC 2017

Music Licensing: All music legally purchased and licensed from www.Soundstripe.com

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  • Fun to see the in-line spinner going to work. That’s always a confidence lure for me and my fishing partners. Can’t wait to get back up there and try the rivers. Great video as always.

  • Great smallmouth action. The place was holding them big time. I like your double camera view on the catch. Very nicely done. tight lines from R & J Bass Fishing

  • Haight-Man! another great video. Hey we were up there last weekend, very windy, but got on the Paint river briefly, beautiful! Snuck onto west end of Michigamee Res to avoid the wind until the Northerns had destroyed our spinner baits,also King Lake wow,then hit Sylvanie, one of these days we are gonna run into you , be well! You live in Gods Country brother!!

  • Sorry that I keep commenting on your videos😂. But I have a question. My dad says the water is still gonna be cold, is that true? I just wanna catch them on topwater and I don't want it to be too cold.

  • Don't know if you use Jaw spreaders, but I know I do sometimes because the lure is way down in the Pike/Musky gills etc and I have not been very happy with what is available as the coil spring ones can really damage a Pike, especially the small ones. Anyways I have been on a quest to find the best Jaw spreaders for CPR and found this:
    Check it out, no coil spring so you can control how much pressure it applies so it does not poke through the jaw.

  • I agree. This is Gods Country and the down part is that you have to wait until now to shoot this epic fishing. Looking forward to the rest of this seasons video's. Thumbs up Benjamin.

  • Nice videos. I’m getting to be an old geezer but I’m a Yooper and I used to wade the paint river upstream from the bates Amasa bridge. Is the current much of a problem paddling upstream. Its been many years and I can’t remember butI’d like to take my kids fishing there if the old arms could handle the strain

  • Another great video. My son is coming up and Id like to take him yak fishing on the Paint of Michgamme rivers, but I do not know what stretches are accessible, etc. Not real familar with that area. Would like to ask if you could message me some suggestions, not looking for you to give up your hotspots, just a few areas we could find some decent fishing in. Really enjoy your videos.

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