Ice Fishing for Manitoba MONSTERS!!!

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This was a day for the books. Darcy and I traveled to Eastern Manitoba in search of some supersized Black Crappies. We were absolutely spoiled. Hands down my best day of ice fishing for Crappies. If you take one thing away from this video…you NEED to be releasing these big slabs. They are old fish and a population can be wiped out in no time. Please practice catch and release and only keep 11-12 inchers to eat. Hope you enjoy the video!!


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  • Absolute monsters!!! Love this video and so glad I know which lake this is!! Lol. Thanks for another great video!! Can’t wait for the next one!

  • How deep were these monsters caught? You say to put them back but it’s fact that crappies are extremely susceptible to being killed from barotrauma in even 15fow. They release fine but in a few hours will die from pressure traumma, ergo better off harvesting fish that are caught even if they’re monsters. I remember seeing an article from mnr of the sea of dead crappies under the ice in sabaskong bay on lotw from people releasing fish. Thoughts on this?

  • On my Pennsylvania crappie lake if your not catching 12 inch fish your not in the right spot haha. I'd say a good fish on that lake is your 15 16 i love it. But if you go down the road to another lake if you catch a 13 inch fish your doing great.

  • That lake is truly special. I've only recently stumbled across it, and i hope it remains a BIG fish lake. Keep up the content Jay!

  • Awesome videos Jay! As a big crappie fisherman makes me super happy to hear you preaching catch and release. keep up the good work!

  • That was an amazing bite! You are so right about conservation being key!! I also think all provinces should be barbless, it definitely helps the ecosystem thrive. I'm a Sask fisherman and am a true believer in barbless, you will not find any barbs in my tackle.

  • Thank you for encouraging good stewardship of the fishery. Nothing wrong with keeping fish, but letting the hogs go helps ensure they'll be there year after year. I can't think of anything more fun than fat panfish thru the ice!

  • Great video Jay. Really like your work. Seeing the flasher as you’re fishing is close to being there too! Feeds my fishing fix in the down time

  • Sweet vid! Glad you're sharing knowledge on releasing bigger fish!!!! Still a trophy if you let them go. Got me wishing for safe ice here in PA!

  • Go Jets Go, bring the cup to old ,toba'
    I'm ice fishing in Wasa lake bc, bass 20 inchers+,perch, seeds,etc. The Jets just won 4to1 against knights
    B,c. 15 jan 2019 8,48 o,clock.

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