Let’s fish an octopus… Octopus “Catch & Cook” in Culatra, Portugal – Part 1 #26

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My favorite parts of having a Youtube channel are 1: YOU guys, who follow our little sailing adventure and the magic that occurs when we get to meet, and 2: Getting to experience something new as a result of those meetings.

When we met one of this channel’s subscribers and now friend, Duarte, we got inspired to catch and cook an octopus in Culatra, Portugal.

There were a few challenges associated with this endeavor of ours. For one, neither Ryan or I fish, let alone octopuses. Also, the idea of fishing makes me slightly queasy. Still, I was determined to get out of my comfort zone to catch this octopus.

First, we had to get equipment to make this octopus fishing operation a success. We were helped by our friend Ricardo from Sopromar and Joao from the local fishing store in Lagos, who assisted us in getting the right fishing equipment. Once that task completed, we left Lagos and headed to Culatra via Portimão and the famous Benagil caves, where we made a touristic escapade.

Well arrived in Culatra, we met with Jonna, from Sailing Tangaroa, who joined us in this octopus catch and cook adventure, and after weeks of anticipation, finally got to drop the line and hook in the water and try our luck.

Stay tuned for part 2 🙂

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  • I laugh so hard watching you guys work at fishing for octopus.
    What a hoot!
    Blessings to you for adventures new and exciting.
    Remember fishing can include stops at fish markets too!

  • Oh my goodness! If Sophies blows any more kisses to the viewers everytime she says "Octopoose" I think I may have to take myself into a dark corner!
    Very funny and entertaining episode. Beautifully shot, brilliantly edited and and so chilled with the music added. MASSIVE thumbs up from me as always. Now, just need to find a French girl to go "octopoose" fishing with……

  • Ociopus want to hide, put a jug ore a open can to your line and put it onthe ground over night, if you are lucky the next morning sits a octopus inside. Better methode snorkel around, you will find the octopus hidden under stones ore similar, than speer it.

  • You will have to fish at night, using a bait with light, then you might be successful… And it´s worth the try, octopus and other squids are veeeery delicious when grilled only with olive oil and some garlic… YUMMY YUMMY!!! And don´t be too sad about the poor dead animal, they only live for about two years and die soon after mating…. producing thousands of more delicious squids. They are FOOD. Nature planned it that way.

  • Lagos and the whole coast is such a great place for fish. i was there last time 30 years ago. i think it‘s still true.

  • Ok why start with the Octopus ? There are far better tasting fish in the sea.I might add easier to cook and clean etc. My mom and Dad taught us to shrimp off the boat into the cockpit. I do not know a sailor who does not fish. You guys are so funny. sin-cerely sue

  • I see you've started travelling like Indiana Jones . . . by dotted line . . . is it really as fast as in the movies? Another delightful video. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait (although I guess I have to) for part 2.

  • Amazing job on this one. Fantastic music and montage sequences. Truly pro quality. Octopus story angle is really fun. Kudos kiddos.

  • Ah cette sensation quand des algues se prennent dans la ligne. Tant de satisfaction et tant de déception 😂 c'est pareil avec la planchette qui remonte (si vous en avez pas je vous conseil de laisser une ligne de pêche derrière vous quand vous avancez à moins de 4.5 noeuds ça vaut le coup 😉)

  • You guys look like lambs headed to the slaughter here…but why do you want to catch octopi anyway? they really have no taste and are like eating your shoes.

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