Luckyfish Turns 6! – Inspecting a Wood Epoxy Sailboat Pt 1 – Ep 55 Sailing Luckyfish

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This week we’re checking for paint cracks – the first signs of rot, checking rigging, timber, plywood and epoxy. Living and working on the hardstand in a great community of folks, most who also own ply / epoxy multihulls. We check out some low cost multi’s, and raise our foremast by hand, before raising glasses. Subscribe and don’t miss the next episodes as we plow through a huge list of jobs.

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  • A HUGE Thank You to everyone who commented last week offering suggestions for our wind generator installation. The response was staggering. The words "YouTube University" sprang to mind – but I suspect the range of expertise from so many viewers far surpasses that any single University could provide. We will update you on the changes to the install of course. Thank you again.

  • So very enjoyable seeing people working together and reveling in the experience. Sailing folk share efforts and good times alike. Damn, wish I were there too. Fair winds to all

  • Great vid mate. Don’t use a ferrous chisel on Al spars or the corrosion bubble will come back also make sure you use abrasive paper is Al Oxide. Cheers

  • Hi Stew and Zaya–speaking of last week's episode, would you consider, sometime in the future, sharing the process by which you evaluated
    the energy needs of your boat, and determined how to implement the green energy sources that you've installed? Yours is the first of the
    vessels that I've encountered in the sailing vlogs that utilizes solar, wind, and hydro simultaneously. Really intriguing! I have only the most
    rudimentary understanding of amps versus volts, amp hours, etc, and analyzing those factors regarding boats. You're clearly quite knowledgeable
    about it. I really enjoyed the episode on your hydro generator.

    Also, have you considered replacing Luckyfish's current motors with electric ones? How awesome, if you were able to upgrade your boat to total energy independence!

    Keep the wonderful videos coming! 🙂

  • Another nice one guys! Every episode is getting better and better, the viewer is being carried along with the story, smiling with each achievement and looking forward to the next installment. We can't wait to catch with you guys again…much love groovers!!!

  • Great episode sir. I'll be doing the same thing with my boat soon so it is especially relevant to me now. My rig will have dyneema stays but I still have a wire forestay for the roller furler. this episode showed some really helpful detail. Thank you!

  • Wood is acidic which may be causing the problem with your mast bubbling at the base. I used to work on wooden aircraft. I often found fixings which were waisted in the wood from corrosion with black witness marks around them. The fixings were stainless and the wood usually Stika spruce. The solution was to put chromate paste on the fittings to stop the erosion.

  • You may have said this in the past and I had missed it but what year is the Luckyfish? Thaks and happy sailing.

  • Beautiful 38' Trimaran is on the market. Sailing will the Litzenbergers is selling the Trimaran they just restored.

  • It's funny as most of America is like this once your out of the big cities , but CNN / FOX yell we are racist and bigots with a helping if sexism ………..Nice to see you got to see some real Americans

  • I don't mean this to be offensive at all but, Jeff from Mojo Marine sounds just like Carl (Bill Murray) from the movie Caddyshack. I almost expect him to start chasing a gopher any moment.

  • So great to see the legendary Scrimshaw survived and will sail many more thousands of miles. A tribute to the epoxy play construction method. Finding Simon is another example of how durable these wood boats are!

  • Aye m8's! Improvements on editing in this and last episode. Happy to see all this stuff you told me about. Great and informative work 👍

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