Robb’s Sunday Morning Beach Walk in North Naples, Florida 11.25.18

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Join Robb Stan for his Sunday morning beach walk at Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park in North Naples, Florida. Recorded LIVE on Facebook, November 25, 2018. Follow Robb and SWFLTV on Facebook @

Robb does not get paid by anyone for doing the live video feeds of his morning beach walks. If you enjoy watching and would like to make a small contribution, his PayPal account is paypal.me/robbstan. Every little bit helps!


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  • We have had flat beaches all summer, the John Deere tractors, all heavy highway equipment….
    It flattened beaches all along….
    Then, they brought in big dump trucks full of new fluffy sand & dumped it on all the beaches to cover up the mashed green slime of cynotoxins in sand on beaches in summer. The new sand came in giant giant dump trucks and dumped new sand.

    The shell heart represents the broken hearts of the sea that passed away.

    Remember that, it represents the broken hearts…
    Same time cherish it…

    Be cautious wading in the water, there are odd toxic out there ….

    Thanks for sharing
    I like your calm voice and becah walks..

    I live a few mins from Anna Maria Island, but, the symptoms of red tide has really caused a lot of us to be sick..
    The beaches, the odors, this past week, not much odors, but, oh the symptoms. I tried ignoring the symptoms, as it has gone on for months, last week was horrible. I thought, I maybe a big baby? Why do I have sore throat, eyes watery, burning, sinuses pressure, swollen neck lymphs, I felt like flu bug, I knew it wasn't, but, I thought, I am a baby, the water looks a bit better, no
    .it's in my head I feel sick, am I crazy?

    Well, I found out a few days ago, I am not over reacting, many in my areas symptomatic, still #5 month.

    But, now we see many many more dead dolphins, something is not right on the gulf…..

    I don't think anything is alive out there in the gulf?

    They said if dolphins are dying, something is wrong, because dolphins can swim away fast from red tide, they are fast and can swim away, but, if they are dying, something is t right ..

    I want to go to the beach so bad…..

    But, symptoms…
    The odors have died down, but, the water is toxic, as air & sand…

    Awwww I love your videos
    Love how you describe your walk….
    But, right now in Manatee county, Anna Maria Island, I do not feel at ease yet..

    I live your beach walks…

    Stay healthy my friend ..

    God Bless You….

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