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  • Where in the world is Wander Dano? Next video will reveal all, so I guess he's not going to Alaska this trip.

  • I switched from Monroe's to Bilstein in my 2000 Ram van and it's a bit smoother…but it still isn't as smooth as I prefer . This is my third van , but first Roadtrek…and it's the best ride . One note Dano , the last year or two the Interstates , especially around big cities , seem to have deteriorated .

  • Okay Dano, I have a suggestion. Drive the back roads to some of your destinations. Beautiful views, less traffic, less stress on you and the cats. 😀.

  • On the road again…makes me smile! Sorry about the hassle with the traveling, but I'm glad it hasn't deterred your travels! Journey mercies…hug a cat or two, please.

  • Go to Bob Barker RV channel. He just installed Bilstein shocks on his class C. Looks like it'd be about the same.

  • LOL During your sped up driving scenes, I found myself hitting my imaginary brakes. 🙂 Have a great and wonderful safe trip!

  • Man, you're making good time. We had the hottest May temps ever recorded. Now, we can't even reach 70°F. Cheers!

  • Yay!! CONGRATS on 10K Subs!!! You certainly have earned it! Your videos are so helpful AND entertaining!! Have you thought about becoming an Amazon affiliate? Happy trails!!

  • Great it looks wonderful! I have to get some front-end work done on"Mr.Horny Toad"that's the name of my rig by the way,making all kinds of rattling noises anytime I go over the slightest bumps or not so smooth of roads!

  • If you go far enough west the humidity will go away. It is much drier air in the Rockies and here in Washington State.

  • Enjoyed the ride. Sorry it's hot, here too. The kitties will be glad when you get to your destination.

  • Wow! Mr. W. Dano! I was Stationed at Fort Benjamin Harrison just outside of Indianapolis for a couple of years. I went to Boot Camp at Great Lakes. Of Course I already told you I was Born at WFAFB. So, You covered 3 States from my Past in One Video! Where in the World are you going? Cheers! Thumbs Up!

  • Have you thought about upgrading the suspension system on cousin eddie? Edit: lol nvm you just asked for suggestions TO upgrade it. I should watch the whole way through. Sorry!

    Also, I've been on 70 in indiana a bunch of times and their roads are just awful.

  • Assuming you’ve already gone through the basics; your tire pressures are correctly adjusted for your rig. And your air bags are properly inflated, if you have them. We don’t have them on our rig.

    We’ve got a 1996 PW on the Dodge B3500 chassis, with the 4000# front axle. It handled rough when we first bought it used in 2008. We replaced the original shocks with Bilsteins. Part numbers in 2010 were B46-1137-H1 and B46-1401-H1. We’ve got about 70,000 miles on the Bilsteins, and they noticeably improved the vans handling and ride quality.

    In 2011 we had a hitch dealer install the Roadmaster Active Suspension System. It made a significant difference. These van chassis are pretty much maxed out in terms of weight capacity, right from the factory.

    The Bilstein shocks, combined with the Roadmaster Active Suspension System, make driving our Class B a breeze. Smooth ride, with nearly fingertip control on the steering wheel.

  • You are heading west and we are heading east to the Keys, then S Dakota and all the way over to Maine. If you come to CA or LaLa Land as I call it 😀, the roads aren’t any better than where you are. Have a great trip! Safe travels!

  • I'm putting 4 bilstean shocks on my RTREK…it's not bad now but they say it will be much better..it's an08

  • This heat & humidity has been killin’ me! I was so thankful this morning when it was 56• with low humidity for once (and a high temp of 75• today). Maybe it was you – you leave and Ohio finally cools down! 😂

  • Google the rough ride maybe someone else has some answers..I noticed someone had a suggestion about shocks . Maybe a beefier suspension? I know our MH rattles when going over rough road, maybe cause we didn't pay a whole lot for it..lol…Heard this and thought of you…(silly i know) What do you call the hottest knight at King Arthur's round table???? …….SIR-RACHA…😆…Dano enjoy your channel but just hearing the word HUMIDITY 🤮 I live in Texas, summer time kills me…hugs…

  • Unfortunately, the bumpy roads seem to be the typical state of disrepair of the roads & bridges in the USA now days, so sad. So little money put back into the infrastructure for so many years. My hubby and I use to travel for days and weeks for vacay, loved it but now so much traffic and idiots on the road reading a book or their phone while 'driving' – no thanks. We stay home mostly now. Have a great trip!

  • Maaaannn, that was a rough drive.  Pretty bad roads.  Thank you for the trip.  I enjoyed at least from the comfort of my seat 😉

  • SumoSprings. Travato owners rav about the ride improvement on their Dodge ProMaster Winnebago Travatos. Check out YouTube video about them.

  • I have 2003 dodge leisure freedom van like you. I have air ride that I can adjust from left to right. Keep at 50 psi. One ton van ride lol.

    Could try tighten the steering gear had that done and alignment way better to steer.

    Car control is two hands on wheel lol

  • I am intrigued with your destination/journey. This is different than any trip I have seen you take. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip.

  • Tires can make a noticeable difference in the ride. Changed over to Kevlar tires and its like floating on a cloud.

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