Sailing off the anchor at 4am!! – Sailing Trimaran Spirit

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In this video we sail off the anchor at 4am and depart Phuket for Langkawi stopping off at Ko Lipe on the way south for a night. It was a wonderful sail south in calm conditions with light winds.


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  • So in love with your boat, Brother. The drone shots on your while at sea is just SWEET. But 10:3910:42 is epic! Right side's the sunset while left side's the moonrise. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Wow on the plastics story. I am deeply disturbed by this. It's awfully sad to think that you can't even escape mankind's wastefulness on a tiny boat in the vast ocean. I want to share this video with others on social media in particular for the sobering message at the end.

  • Really love Thailand. Can't wait to get back there. Maybe I'll get there on my boat in a few years. Keep the videos coming.

  • Just off california, thers are three sites that have become the largest dumping grounds in the world and the very sad truth is that the us goverment will not do anything about it and you have to pass through it between huwiee and california an its growing bigger eavry year.I keep my garbbiage on board unless ooo ts organic like food scraps
    till i can get to a facilaty and dump it in the waste bin.

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