The Great Loop – Episode 22 – Balancing Life

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The Great Loop – Episode 22 – Balancing Life – Captain Curt’s Adventures follow Curt on his many journeys in life. The current project is The Great Loop. Motor sailing around the Eastern United States. The Great Loop follows the Intracoastal Waterway up the east coast, follows the Hudson river to the Great Lakes then over to Chicago where it heads down the rivers to the Gulf of Mexico, finally crossing the gulf back to Florida. Subscribe to join him as he explores the route.


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  • As always a really fun and adventurous video Captain! I have to say you handle the bumps in the road rather well and seems you just can't get away from the little problems that pop up when just trying to do simple tasks like taking your dingy out for a spin! As far as that construction job it seems that the actual time to get things done is really limited with those "hours" of lawfully being allowed on the property! No doubt time management is at the top of the list! Was hoping to hear from you and wanted you to know Dozer is missed Big Time too…hope he and his Mom are doing well as are the rest of your Crew! Hard to grasp how fast summer came and left already! Stay Safe and Cheers From Ohio

  • Just found your channel this morning. Binged all episodes. Your doing what I want to do myself. I'm from MI, but my wife and I lived in Sarasota for 9 years, we're back in MI now. We lived on a boat on
    lake MI for a couple years and loved it. ( We took an apartment from Nov. though March). Your videos and editing are great. Hope your wife can make it on the boat with you soon to sail to your next port…I guess your going to winter in FL before you continue on the loop? Stay safe and enjoy the trip!!!

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