The Long Road to Ice Fishing Elation

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Ice fishing is a grind. Sometimes you get rewarded.

Audio Credits:
Chris Haugen – Sunshine Samba
Doug Maxwell – Pink Flamenco
Chris Zabriskie – I Don’t See the Branches, I See the Leaves

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  • Awesome vid.. loved the underwater footage.. what were you using for that.. GoPro? anyway I always look forward to your videos.. keep them coming!

  • Great job man! Man that last pike was fat! I went out on Sunday. Conditions were bad, so windy! Not a bite all day until a musky hit one of our flags. My buddy got it right to the hole and it spit the hook! Heart breaking. Be safe out there. Some of that ice looked a little sketchy.

  • Wicked good show, my friend! What a blast! I’ll tell you what, that clear, slick ice gives me the Wiley’s all the way down South here in Georgia. Grew up playing hockey on lakes in the Midwest yet that transparent ice is something. Another great video for the collection. Thanks for sharing.

  • Awesome footage man! I love fishing northern Canada, truly gods country. I live in Michigan but need to make another trip soon! So jealous!

  • Great video , the pike shots were great . Dead sticking for big pike really works , i noticed you got that last one when your bait seemed almost lifeless .. you’ll get that big one sooner or later. Looking forward to more …

  • Your own mini mobi dick! Nothing like being able to sight a potential monster below. Awesome camera work! Nice to see you did not lose that last one at the hole. I lost a laker like that. Still hurts😆

  • I put off watching this video until now. Made some popcorn n hot chocolate. Thoroughly enjoyed the video. Was that date number 3 for your lady friend? Did you upgrade your camera equipment? You make nights of studying a breeze with mini intermissions;)

  • Yooo jon, sweet ice fishing action, i hope you have some plans for brook trout this spring, i think it would be awesome if you did a gear loadout of what you take and use on a portage camping trip.

  • BAO. hi, great efforts on all of your videos. we really appreciate all
    of your hard work! really enjoy your canoeing expeditions.
    best…joey and family.

  • BAO. thank you for all of your hard work on your videos.
    this is a comment on an earlier vid.; when you were cleaning a camp site.
    down here i call them "brush hogs". they can cart all their crap in; but then
    leave it (along with their mess). we camp some of the small sites available on
    lake erie; but after the fourth of july, it's nearly impossible bcz of the human stench.
    every spring we pick up 3 o 4 large trash bags from our favorite sites; but
    it seems to do no good. the selfishness of folks, "who claim to love the outdoors";
    is astounding. of course, have seen the same litter, every where fishing or
    camping takes place!?! have watched every one of your adventures! best. walt

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