What Training Does a Boating Newbie Need? – Hanging out with Ask Captain Chris

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Buying a boat is one thing.. operating it safely is another. There’s a LOT to learn.

In this video we sit down with Chris & Alyse Caldwell of and the Ask Captain Chris YouTube channel (

We were blessed to attend their 4-days of in person classroom instruction as part of our training & research process, and were super impressed with this duo. They lived as full time cruisers for 19 years before becoming instructors.

In this video they share how to determine what sort of training you need and what options are available. They also toss in a bunch of tips and tricks and advice on selecting a boat.

Ask Captain Chris offers in person training classes for cruisers, a DVD series, their free YouTube channel and in person on your boat training. (This is not a promotional video – we just really love these guys!)


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  • Captain Chris said he was from New Orleans. I grew up in Metairie, and Mandeville not far from Lake Pontchartrain.

  • Great interview. I've been watching their short videos every day and have learned a lot. He is a spectacular teacher, I hope he knows that! Lakewood Yacht Club (Texas) would be a perfect destination for him to conduct a seminar! All the best.

  • While a "captain's license" isn't required, an "operator's certificate" (a driver's license) is required in most of the states on the East Coast.

  • I follow Captain Chris YouTube channel also I've been following these two for a minute though it's a wealth of knowledge definitely when I step up in boats maybe whenever I get forever fixing going again definitely going to take some classes with Captain Chris

  • Hello Captain Chris let me introduce myself my name is Brian I've been around boats in Florida work boats and pleasure boats most of my life I do not hold a captain's license I am a certified engineer the one thing that gets me and you got to be careful on this grant you the information you're giving is quite correct is when a captain or an owner tries to become a mechanic slash engineer you made a statement here to go down and look at the boat oh this looks good just don't look good if you're investing in a vessel how about survey people that are professionals and know what they're looking at are supposed to I'm not saying you can trust everything they say but they will see past the the shiny stuff to see what's important to see what makes a a vessel something to look at or something to sidestep .to the person I'm building a Chris-Craft 280 Catalina converted from 281 right now that I just dropped a 4lh STE 230 horsepower replacing 2 gas 220 horsepower engine in my cruising speeds probably going to be around 8 knots my top speed is 18 knots at 3000 still in the cruising range of the engine 80% it's when people talk about how fast they want to go first question need to ask how much money do you got how much fuel do you want to burn per mile or can you afford to burn let's say on a trip like the loop and I'm fixing to do it next year there's so much misconception about this and lack of talk and knowledge in my opinion my first little trip on the vessel was 135 MI I left on good weather 1/2 foot Seas then a squirrel popped up out of nowhere not uncommon another thing I don't hear about we hear all this talk about docking but when's it time to stop and put the boat on the hook and quit trying to run and rough weather I hear very little talk about that but yet it has saved my butt many times. I do enjoy your videos and maybe I've missed a few things just my thoughts smooth sailing and Happy Days

  • I am Founder of Safe Harbor Boys Home & Maritime Academy. The local squadron of US Power Squadron teaches and trains our residents, I suggest finding a local squadron as a great teaching and support group .

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