Winter Camping in an Ice Fishing Tent

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A night of winter camping on the ice in a pop-up ice fishing tent.

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David Hadfield – Gyproc Box

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  • If you sleep on the ice regularly then you should get the Polar Bird 4T insulated ice shanty. Plenty warm and plenty leg room. My buddy & I comfortably place Alaskan cots in it. I use Black Diamond ice climbing ice anchors to secure the shanty to the ice. They are easy to screw into the ice & have fantastic holding power. I don't go on ice less than 4 inches. Ice over springs will swallow you.

  • Nice winter fishing man. I have been planning on staying in the ice tent. I Subbed. Please check me out and sub too. Just getting started in burbot fishing too!

  • It was a great pleasure to come across this video. I haven't done an outing anywhere nearly as adventurous but could relate to pulling the sled through snow and the hut blowing away! The comments about the ice thickness have already been made, but I think this would be the perfect type of trip for two to four people, both for safety's sake and to try to figure out where the fish are at. Now I feel as though I ought to try for burbot some day!

  • This video was very well done. Despite no fish being caught, I watched the whole video. I love outings like these, and watching them reminds me of when me and my dad go out and do some fishing for a couple days overnight

  • 2", you are a madman. Hahahaha
    To bad you didn't get anything. I'm going to be going on my first overnighter this month. Really looking forward to it!

  • Your worried about carbon monoxide poisoning but you are out on two inches of ice? I am talking smack as I have never been out on a frozen lake in my life but when you showed how thin the ice was my spidey senses started tingling.An awesome little adventure and it was fun to watch thanks.

  • Thank you so much for posting this. Ive always wondered what it was like and my goodness you even camped in a tent on the ice! And it also helps that you are so easy on the eyes ; )

  • Hello Jon. Following you now on YouTube. I am located in Thunder Bay. Look forward to watching your other videos and following you on your excursions. Cheers Fred

  • Hey …. how’s it going. Here’s a bit of an FYI for you. Well I've been using a little buddy in my bell tent and in my ice fishing tents for years.

    I get that you're worried but you can use them safely. You DO need to provide combustion air but they're really safe.

    I emailed Enerco Tech Products about this, they make the little buddy heater and the reason they say you can't is because of our Canadian regulations:

    In their CDN manual it clearly says:

    CARBON MONOXIDE HAZARD This appliance can produce carbon monoxide which has no odor. Using it in an enclosed space can kill you. Never use this appliance in an enclosed space such as a camper, tent, car or home. Also, further down it says: "this heater is for outdoor use only" That same rule also applies to units sold in Massachusetts as well for some reason.

    However in the US manual it says:

    IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING THIRD PARTY ATTACHMENTS TO MR. HEATER BUDDY HEATERS Enerco Group Inc., (“Enerco”) is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of consumer, heavy duty commercial, and construction heating products. In 2000 Enerco introduced the Portable Buddy® (Model MH9B) in to commerce. The Portable Buddy®, which is sold under the Mr. Heater brand, incorporates an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (“ODS”), which shuts off the heater if the oxygen in the room gets below a certain point. This allows for the heater to be safely used while camping, ice fishing, working in a garage or workshop, or for emergency home use in the event of a power outage. Since 2000 Enerco has expanded its Buddy line of heaters to include the Little Buddy® (Model MH4B), Big Buddy® (Model MH18B); and Hunting Buddy® (Model MH12HB). All of the Buddy Heater models are indoor safe and certified to CSA/ANSI standards. The Consumer Product Safety Commission even endorsed the Buddy Heater as a heater that “can save campers’ lives.” Enerco is very proud of the Buddy line of heaters and is constantly striving to ensure they are used safely and properly.

    So as odd as it sounds – as long as you provide proper combustion sir to the heater they’re fine – for example I have run mine over-night in a closed tent with the window flap open and slept and had a new, working and tested, CO monitor right beside it and it was fine and ran all night and we had no problems! I’ve also ran one non-stop in a small hunting blind for 8 hours continuously with the thing sealed up mostly and again no problems.

    Here’s the actual answer I got: 27/12/2017

    Good morning Dave,

    The reason there are conflicting pieces of information is this, is the heater is made to be indoor safe, but the restrictions in Canada prohibit anyone from using it indoors. That’s why the Canadian manual says it cannot be used indoors. And the other information says it is indoor safe. The heater is 99.9% efficient, and will not produce any emissions during operation. I hope this helps. Have a great day!

    Alex Rushwin

    Enerco Tech Products

    You can ping them yourself too: https://www.mrheater.com/contact-us/

    Hope it helps a bit …….
    Cheers’ Dave

  • Fun excursion! I've thought about camping in my popup too. My try at least a long night for Burbot. Good work!

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